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Thorough And Detailed Evaluation Of Bitcoin Cycle Trading Service

Thorough And Detailed Evaluation Of Bitcoin Cycle Trading Service

The recent news has it that crypto trading is becoming the most profitable and the most involved industry globally. However, while professional traders keep making money from what they’re trained to, the rest of the population is left out. Or, so it was until the introduction of automated trading platforms that brought the field closer to regular users.

Services like Bitcoin Cycle are developed to guide beginners into the crypto trade world and gain the necessary knowledge in the sphere. Apart from that, such vendors offer a one-time possibility to start making passive income from scratch. Since many such representatives are proved to be fraudulent, it’s vital to tell a reputable system from a scamming one. Today, Bitcoin Cycle will be the subject of this crypto investigation.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin Cycle trading software


  • Swift and timely withdrawals
  • Simplified registration
  • Customer support available 24/7


  • No mobile app developed

Bitcoin Cycle in a nutshell

Bitcoin Cycle is a registered crypto robot spiced up with automated trading software. The primary function of the platform is to simplify the trading process and increase trading profits. So, while working on the service, its developers ensured that the trading algorithm implemented is a fraction of a second faster than the rest of known systems. In real life, the increase is insignificant, but in the crypto trade, it’s success-oriented.

While presenting a higher than average success rate, Bitcoin Cycle is beginner-oriented, thus simpler than other platforms. The service is also educational and transparent. All the trading operations are well-explained and primarily carried out by the robot itself. What’s more, the vendor is honest with the users when promising profitable odds. It’s clearly stated that due to market volatility, a trade at times feels like a gamble and may result in loss of the investment.

Aside from being transparent and user-friendly, Bitcoin Cycle is a legitimate vendor with all the certificates and licenses in place.

How do you start trading with the Bitcoin Cycle?

The trading platforms are often presented as simple, but many things turn out to be too complicated to succeed without prior experience when it comes to service exploitation. Bitcoin Cycle doesn’t belong to the category.

Few-step registration

The registration process that Bitcoin Cycle offers is simple and involves such basic user information as name, email address, and working phone number. It takes a couple of minutes for the system to process the provided data and verify the account. Once the confirmation is sent to you, you can follow to log into the platform.

Practical demo mode

Unlike other vendors, Bitcoin Cycle doesn’t force the user to proceed with the primary deposit. The first thing offered is to run the software in demo mode to grasp the general idea of automated crypto trade. Once in demo mode, you have a sum of $1,500 at your disposal so that you can launch almost real-life trades and observe the profit generation. More seasoned traders can test their trading strategies in this mode too.

Low primary deposit

Bitcoin Cycle doesn’t require a monthly/yearly or any other type of subscription. Its services are free, but a minimum deposit is to be made to trade in live mode. The primary deposit can’t be lower than $250, but you can take as high as $15,000. Considering the trading interest of crypto investors worldwide, Bitcoin Cycle supports a wide range of payment options every trader can use to deposit the trading fund. On the scale from Visa and MasterCard to PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and American Express, all the methods are validated. The deposit issued will be shown in your account in a matter of minutes after the transaction.

Automated live trade

The live account menu is intuitive and straightforward. There are a few parameters to be checked before you launch the auto trade. Among them are:

  • Trading pairs
  • Stop-loss limit
  • Trade amount
  • Number of trades per day

Bitcoin Cycle supports a variety of popular cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. So, you can choose Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple to trade if Bitcoin doesn’t interest you. The primary fiat currencies that the platform supports are US dollars and Euros.

Once you’re done with the settings, you can press the Auto-trade button to start the operation. The robot will run in the background for as long as it takes. There’s no manual interference required.

Top features of Bitcoin Cycle

It’d be no use of so many trading vendors if they didn’t differ from one another. The primary advantages of Bitcoin Cycle are the following:

  • Customer support– should you require any trading assistance, Bitcoin Cycle support is available 24/7, and their agents are professional enough to solve any issue in a matter of minutes.
  • Withdrawal system – it takes as much as 24 hours to get your funds deposited to any bank account of choice. The platform doesn’t issue any withdrawal fees so that you can cash out all the profit to the last penny.
  • Enhanced availability – you can trade anytime, anywhere, as long as there’s a stable Internet connection at hand. There’s no mobile application to download, but the platform is well-suited to any browser or smart device a user may have.

Final words

Bitcoin Cycle is a simple and user-friendly trading platform for all. No matter your trading experience or crypto knowledge, the vendor grants you a chance to change your financial state once and for all. A user-oriented approach together with an improved success rate and decreased minimum deposit brings the platform closer to an average investor. Uninterrupted performance where the Internet connection is ensured enables you to trade on-the-go. It’s up to you whether you use the offered opportunity or allow others to profit!