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Ensuring Profitable Trading On Bitcoin Revolution Crypto Website

Ensuring Profitable Trading On Bitcoin Revolution Crypto Website

The 2 tech teams, consisting of MIT engineers and renowned crypto traders, birthed the Bitcoin Revolution in 2015. The situation that encompassed cryptocurrency trading in the past was featured with overwhelming volatility. This, consequently, led users to encounter huge losses. So, the team sought to develop a virtual avenue where trading risks are minimized to the barest minimum. Leading users to make mind-blowing profits.

The whole of 2015 was used to test-run the software’s function in terms of capability — speed and accuracy. And when all features of the Bitcoin Revolution site passed the review, the software was formally launched and introduced to the general public in the last months of 2016.

Bitcoin Revolution has, since then, been functioning effectively and efficiently. This is perhaps why the organization has been presented with several awards in the crypto market, ever since 2017.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Revolution


  • People-oriented software
  • An Android mobile app
  • AI and ML algorithms
  • Speedy transactions
  • Highly fool-proof security measures
  • Supportive customer support service
  • No undue charges
  • Availability of multiple live trade signals
  • Uncomplicated registration procedure
  • Dual trading system
  • Long-term existence


  • Not totally free from volatility
  • App not available on iOS devices
  • Testimonies remain unverified

Modus operandi of Bitcoin Revolution as a trading site

To make crypto trading one-of-a-kind, Bitcoin Revolution works to ensure every user has an equal chance to earn a profit. Regardless of how well or not they’re familiar with cryptocurrency.

The software works with trading bots who gather information about price fluctuation in the market, filter such information, and finally present it to users. With this, the platform users can make informed investment decisions, with a 99.4% rate of precision.

The software begins to function once registration has been completed and users’ accounts have been verified. For auto traders, it’s permissible to set up a “stop-loss feature”. This has to do with setting limits to the amount of money to be used by the robot to initiate transactions.

Accessible cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Revolution

Sometimes, the level of profit made is dependent on the type of crypto a bet is placed upon. Some can easily be predicted, leading them to yield more profits than others. Thus, Bitcoin Revolution gives a wide selection to choose from. They include the following:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

Opening an account on Bitcoin Revolution: requirement and steps

An account can be opened for free, with all benefits attached. Before you begin, however, go through the ensuing requirements to ascertain you have them at your disposal.

Requirements for trading

  • Initial deposit. This can be $250 or more. But the maximum deposit remains $25,000.
  • A cellphone number and an e-mail address. Both of which must be valid and accessible.
  • Minimum of 20 minutes’ internet connection is also needed everyday.
  • A browsing device.

Steps to take when signing up

Type in your first and last name, in different boxes as provided. Enter your e-mail address followed by your telephone contact number. Click “REGISTER” and you’ll be taken to another page where your password is to be set. Think of and use a strong password, for extra security.

Verification and training section

Verification of your contact details is completed within minutes and active trading can commence. But it’s advisable to partake in the training segment (demo mode.) This mode contains all the live trading mode features. This allows for proper knowledge of the software nooks and prevents traders from making silly mistakes when trading live.

Funding and trading

To make your initial deposit, choose the payment option that’s available in your home country. Options like Skrill, PostPay, MasterCard, Visa, electronic wallets, and SEPA transfer among others. This deposit is what brokers will use to facilitate trading transactions, bit by bit.

On its website, Bitcoin Revolution claimed a deposit of $250 can yield up to $4,000 profit within one day. And to make such a profit, users must re-invest a minimum of 80% of their earnings. But this fact hasn’t been verified.

Why Bitcoin Revolution should be your first choice

  • The software partners with reputable brokers to ensure the best trading services for users. Some of the brokers include regulated agencies like FSB, ASIC, SEC, FCA, and CYSEC.
  • Bitcoin Revolution is powered by RSA encryption to provide safety for the data of users. This way, it becomes very much difficult for any 3rd party to acquire traders’ sensitive info on the site.
  • It’s possible to trade a wide array of currencies, solely or in over 45 pairs.
  • Provision is further made for clients to trade assets with leverage with CFD brokers. Leverage can be done at a 5,000 to 1 ratio.
  • Bitcoin Revolution doesn’t burden users with undue charges. Payout is transparent. The only fee charged is a 2% commission on profits earned on the site. This is considered fair enough.
  • Profits made are available for withdrawal immediately after a deal has been completed. Furthermore, once the withdrawal request has been filled, the money will show up in the user’s account within a minimum and maximum of 24 and 48 hours respectively.
  • The platform also gives users top-notch customer service for just 5 days in a week. Weekends are excluded and the care representatives can be reached via live chat, phone calls, and e-mail communication.
  • The demo account can be used indefinitely. At zero cost.

Tips and tricks for users of Bitcoin Revolution

  • Before starting live trade, utilize the demo function to test the features available and get familiar with them.
  • New traders should also trade using the auto system.
  • The stop loss feature should be set in order to minimize volatility.
  • A strong password is required to keep your account one step safer.
  • Invest responsibly. Avoid using your savings to fund your account. Trade only with cash you can spare.


Bitcoin Revolution offers a trading platform that allows both experienced and inexperienced traders to invest and earn a plausible profit. Trading strategies are put in place to ensure accuracy in the prediction of market trends. 3 forms of customer service options are presented to members, to allow for optimal efficiency. Check out the site today. It might be exactly what you need!