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Complete And Detailed Bitcoin UP Crypto Trading Platform Review

Complete And Detailed Bitcoin UP Crypto Trading Platform Review

The digital currency value grows, so does the crypto trading market. It seemed that the industry, along with its profit, wouldn’t become any closer to an inexperienced investor for a while. However, the appearance of automated trading bots has turned the course of events. Platforms like Bitcoin UP claim to assist those with no prior crypto trading knowledge. Is it really so? It’s time to take the veil off the vendor and discover its potential advantages and possible hidden from the naked eye discomforting drawbacks!

Pros and cons of Bitcoin UP trading software


  • Reliable trading algorithm
  • Innovative trading software
  • Customer support available 24/7


  • Only Android mobile app developed

Bitcoin UP in a nutshell

The platform was launched a couple of years ago by a team of developers experienced in the crypto market. The names of the service holders are yet unknown. However, that’s not as big a disadvantage as some may claim. No one knows about the identity behind the Bitcoin creator either.

Bitcoin UP is a trading bot aimed at NLP (Natural Language Processing) optimization. The optimization is oriented at significant profit generation from the crypto field. The algorithm behind the software is designed to monitor all the shifts happening in the fields, gather the most relevant news, analyze acquired data, and make corresponding trading decisions.

What makes Bitcoin UP different from other robots is the algorithm speed. Being 0,001 second faster than that of industry competitors, Bitcoin UP bot gets to the trending data faster. Thus more trades result in profit.

How can you start trading with Bitcoin UP?

Such a complex approach to software development isn’t reflected either in the system’s layout or trading operation. The registration process is equally user-oriented.


Some vendors grant users access to the trading features without prior registration, but Bitcoin UP isn’t on the list. The moment you visit the official website, you’ll see the registration form. By supplying such basic data as your name, email, and phone number, you can become a potential investor in a matter of minutes. It takes up to half an hour for the system to check the provided information’s authenticity and send confirmation to the provided active email.


You can operate the robot out of charge, but actual trades are to be issued with real money involved. After you register with the service and log into the account you’ll be suggested to carry on with the primary deposit. The minimum sum of the deposit is one of all, it’s $250. You can take it higher, but inexperienced traders aren’t advised to do so.

The variety of payment options that Bitcoin UP supports is wide, so every potential trader can come up with an acceptable method. It’s suggested to pick from the following:

  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Discover
  • American Express

Usually, the deposit is accepted within 5 minutes. In the meantime, the user can browse the platform or try a demo trade out.

Demo trade

Bitcoin UP is a crypto trading robot equally fit for seasoned investors and beginning traders. Thus, there’s a demo simulation on offer. The demo mode is no different from that of a real trade so that every potential investor can get the full grasp of how everything works and even adapt personal strategies to the trading algorithm.

Live trade

Bitcoin UP offers fully-automated software to use. However, it’s up to every trader to set additional parameters to ensure investment stability. You can start with the following options:

  • Trading sum
  • Trading pairs
  • Stop-loss limit
  • Daily trades
  • Take profit limits

Apart from Bitcoin, Bitcoin UP allows users to experiment with Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple among others. Such a possibility enables every trader to improve the trading profitability depending upon the market shifts. After all the settings are checked, it takes as much as to click the “Auto-trade” button for the system to launch the operation. There’s no personal monitoring necessary.

Top vital features of Bitcoin UP making it better than the competitors

Modern auto trading vendors are developed according to the same strategy, but personal characteristics make some vendors more favorable than the rest.

User-friendly interface and availability

Bitcoin UP is designed for users with no to little crypto trading experience. Thus, the platform is intuitive and straightforward. Every feature of the platform, along with each process and operation, are either self-explanatory or supplied with educational material. Lastly, all the progress, losses, as well as trading history can be accessed from a personal account to track favorable and unfavorable changes.

There’s only an Android mobile app available, however, you can easily access the platform through any browser. Besides, the service is well-fitted to most smart devices, so that you can trade from anywhere and at any time with just a mobile device and stable Internet connection at hand.

Improved success rate

Due to the innovative algorithm that the vendor implements, the success rate of the platform is a lot higher than average. According to countless user testimonials, more than 90% of traders end up with profits at hand. What’s more, the service emphasizes the loss possibility transparently by stating that a high percentage of trades ends up in losses, so you should trade carefully.

Increased trading speed

Automated trading is a lot faster and less human-involving when compared to manual trading. Besides, Bitcoin UP allows you to set a variety of options manually so that you can trade with all the benefits of auto trade with potentially personalized strategies in use.

Aside from being faster, AI is designed to make decisions based on logic rather than on emotions. Such an approach eliminates human error due to self-doubt or other emotions.

Seamless withdrawals

Unlike other vendors, Bitcoin UP doesn’t deduct any fees upon fund withdrawals. What’s more, every operation is completed within 24 hours which is a lot faster when compared to other services. There may be some bank withdrawal fees involved, but they’re to be discussed with the banking operator personally.

Free service operation

Bitcoin UP is free to use and there are no hidden costs or charges deducted from the user’s account. There may be broker fees deducted from profitable operations, they differ from broker to broker.


Final words

Bitcoin UP is a free trading vendor offering users with all levels of experience to dive into the world of crypto trading. The simplified platform operation and strict verification ensure that the vendor is user-oriented and secure. Thus all fraudulent activity is eliminated. Despite being relatively new to the field, Bitcoin UP has proved to be profitable and professional. The number of people interested in the trade with Bitcoin UP assistance grows by the minute. If you’ve thought about investing with the vendor, you’d better hurry up since the number of free spots is running out!