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The News Spy Website And Its Incredible Features

The News Spy  Website And Its Incredible Features

The News Spy is a virtual cryptocurrency trading avenue that was recently awarded a certificate by the US Trading Association. This award is centered on the platform being the best for engaging in crypto trading. Interestingly enough, the site is accessible in more than 100 countries across the globe.

The software functions by creating not just a safe but also a user-friendly environment for traders to invest funds and earn huge investment proceeds. With the presence of an auto trading feature, it becomes possible for anyone to utilize the software for trading purposes, all for free!

Merits and demerits of The News Spy crypto site


  • Registered software
  • Top-notch technological system
  • Zero taxation
  • Plausible investment returns
  • Encrypted trading site with in-built antivirus programs
  • Absence of undue charges
  • Ability to leverage trading
  • Swift response to users’ complaints
  • Easy to steer interface
  • Fast and easy completion of transactions
  • Easy registration process at zero cost
  • Presence of professional brokers
  • Unequivocal payout process


  • Not available in all countries
  • No mobile app
  • No information on software owners
  • Not completely volatility-free

A look at howThe News Spy works as a trading platform

The Spy News employs the Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology to acquire data on market prices and trends. It then uses such data to derive plausible trading deals that’ll yield high benefits to users by taking their choice of currency into consideration. This is done because some currencies yield more profit than others, at different intervals.

Since the market is highly competitive and risk-filled, the trading bots of The Spy News are built with complex mathematical functions. One of the features is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This makes The Spy News ahead of the crypto market and users are able to enjoy all benefits associated with such speedy performance. Members are also permitted to trade manually or automatically.

Also, The Spy News reviews the history of brokers before partnering with and assigning them to traders. Brokers’ legitimacy and reputation are taken into consideration before collaboration is done. And they’re assigned to traders based on nearness to each other, geographically.

Starting your crypto trading journey using The Spy News

Beginning active trading on The Spy News website will mandate you to have some elements in place. These requirements are stated below:

  • A gadget that can be connected to the internet.
  • A stable internet connection via Wi-Fi or data plans for up to 10 minutes daily.
  • Minimum of $250 deposit as investment.
  • A reachable phone number.
  • Valid and accessible personal email address.

Registration procedure

Signing up for The News Spy begins with a visitation to the official website of the platform. There are 2 different sites through which The Spy News can be accessed:


Once on either of the sites, scroll down for a moment and you’ll see a registration box. You’ll then be required to do the following:

  • Input your name.
  • Put in your last name/ surname.
  • Type in your e-mail address as appropriate.
  • Enter a strong password. Depending on the browser used to sign up, a strong password can be generated on your behalf.
  • Select your country of origin.
  • Enter your reachable cell phone number and hit the “START TRADING NOW” button.

Verification and demo mode

Completing the steps above will lead to the verification of your email address and phone number. It’s simply to ensure they belong to you. Some sensitive information relating to market trends and links to withdrawal will be sent there. And you certainly don’t want such information falling into the wrong hands.

The aftermath of verification will lead The Spy News to assign you a broker and your trading account will get activated. Before proceeding, however, check out the demo feature. Just to get familiar with the software in terms of the trading features it offers and how to navigate them.

Deposit and active trading

Your account is then mandated to be funded with a minimum of $250. This is your investment before real trading can commence. Once this money is paid through any of the payment options offered, select your trading style — manual or automated. Then proceed as required.

Subsequent logging in

Getting access back to your account will require you to revisit any of The Spy News website and click the login button. Otherwise, you could go through either of the following direct links:


Type in your email address and password as appropriate and click the login button. Your trading account will pop up, all things being equal. Additionally, no provision is made for users to access their accounts through a mobile app. Based on this, registration or subsequent logging in will necessitate a visit to any of The Spy News trading websites. The website interface is reliable, making it easier to navigate than most mobile applications.

Cryptocurrencies available for trading

The Spy News offers the following currencies to users of the site:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XPR)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

Key features of The Spy News

There are several features that distinguish The Spy News platform. Are these features worth it or not? Read on!


The software can function on all devices, as long as it operates in your country of residence. Otherwise, an error page will pop up.

Customer service

To serve users better, The Spy News provides 2 forms of customer support service via live chat and email address. Through this, traders’ complaints and other inquiries are handled swiftly.


The Brokers used by The Spy News are capable and most importantly, legitimate. An assignment is done to traders with respect to proximity and license to operate in the country in question.


Users of The Spy News can cash out their trading profits immediately after a trade deal has been sealed and a withdrawal form has been submitted. The cash will then reflect in their bank account within 24-48 hours.


The Spy News payout system is clear and unambiguous. Traders get the exact profits they earn. No hidden commissions or undue charges of any kind.


A minimum and maximum sum of $250 and $25,000 respectively can be used to fund your Spy News account. In other words, users can fund their accounts with money within the range of $250 and $25,000.

Benefits you stand to gain by trading crypto using The Spy News

  • You’ll be presented with multiple options to make payment such as Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard.
  • The limited cryptocurrencies available on the platform are those that produce high profits for traders.
  • Security of sensitive data, courtesy of the anti-virus security program made available.
  • Leveraged trading is permitted.
  • Free registration alongside no undue fee imposition.
  • Ability to open both long and short term positions.
  • Access to information ahead of the market time through VPS technology.
  • Beginner friendly interface.
  • Fast performance in terms of verification and information dissemination.

Tips for trading with The Spy News

  • The crypto market is risky. So fund your account with your spare cash, not your entire savings.
  • Don’t invest all your funds at once. Gradually build your portfolio.
  • Create a strong password for your account and don’t log in from untrusted devices to avoid your data getting compromised.
  • Whenever a new software update is done, test it with the demo feature before proceeding to live trading.
  • Your profits should be cashed out once a deal is completed.
  • Have good knowledge on cryptocurrency and the software you’re employing before proceeding to invest.


The volatile nature of cryptocurrency trading has scared many from making investments in it. After all, no one wants to incur losses. The Spy News as a site was designed with VPS technology to minimize trading risks by making accurate predictions to users on what trade deal to invest in. An effort is also made to encrypt the software to prevent interception of users’ data. These provisions are indeed remarkable, so try it out!